Registration could be done just online following below instructions

Click on botton "Online entries" here below.

Payment on line is possible via
  • Credit card
  • Paypal
  • Bank transfer

Registrations Rules 2019

Due to insurance reasons athletes shall posses a FIsky registration. 
For those that are not having an official FISKY registration, it will possible to have a daily registration at the cost of 7 Euro at the bid desk the day before or the race day. 
Other possibility is to apply for an annual registration with FISKY at the link  F.I.Sky.

Registrations will open on March the 2nd @ 1 PM CET, and will definitely close on April 26st @11:59PM CET or before once reached the max number of 800 athletes total (sum of both races). 
Registration costs for Skyrace & Vertical race 2018 are incremental as below:

30,00 € from 2/3/2019 until  16/3/2019
40,00 € from 17/3/2019 until 20/4/2019
50,00 € from 21/4/2019 until 27/4/2019


25,00 € from 2/3/2019 until 16/3/2019 
35,00 € from 17/3/2019 until 20/4/2019
45,00 € from 21/4/2019 until 27/4/2019

25,00 € from 2/3/2019 until 16/3/2019
35,00 € from 17/3/2019 until 20/4/2019
45,00 € from 21/4/2019 until 27/4/2019
Data for bank Transfer
To Otc srl
Account 0000003535
IBAN IT06J0558489271000000003535
ABI 05584
CAB 89271
Agency 01279
Address Via Veneto, 30 - 22020 Faloppio (Co)
Registration will be effective just after receiving the payment receipt that shall happen within max 7 days from registration.
Registration for which within 7 days will be not received the payment receipt will be cancelled. 
For teams that will register in one shot more athletes there are following discounts
1-each 10 athletes registered, 1 is free of charge
2-each 20 athletes registered 3 are free of charge:
Team Registrations aiming to have access to discount shall be submitted in one shot at following email:,
    To attend the race athletes shall present Medical Certificate stating the state of good health at following address
    within 27/04/2019, specifying in the email subject the name and surname of the athlete & race name. 
    Changes to the race typology shall be requested explicitly after the payment of 10 Euro as a change fee. Changes are possible just till April the 27th. at following email, by attaching the evidence of the payment of the change fee upfront. 
    Registration give athletes the following:
    • Race bid with chip
    • Chrono service
    • Race Gadget 
    • Transportation of dress change bag on top of Trentapassi for Vertical Race only
    • Pool recovery service
    • Food and beverage points along the race course and at arrival
    • Free of charge showers
    • Free of charge parking
    • Access to free of charge Pasta Party on Sunday lunch 
    • 1 Draft Beer free of charge at the arrival 
    • Free of charge participation to the lottery of several prizes including
    By registration athletes take in charge full responsibility and remove every eventual liability from the race organization committee for any damagers or injury that should eventually happen during, before or after the race in relation with the same.   
    Organization did not insure in any way the athletes.

    Further info


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