Trentapassi Entries Record!

700 athletes at starting line! It’s a record of subscribers at Trentapssi x. Exceptional athletes will compete in the wins of the races Vertital and Sky on the Iseo Lake.

At Marone, on the banks of  Iseo Lake, everything is ready for the Trentapassi, on Saturday 6 and Sunday, May 7, will be two days devoted entirely to skyrunning. Saturday afternoon the protagonists will be the youngest in the Trentapassi Mini Skyrace, while on Sunday 700 runners will split between the Vertical Race (3.5km – D + 1050m) and the Skyrace of 17.5 km with a positive gap of 1280 meters. The party for the little ones will start on Saturday 6 May in the afternoon when at 6pm the Mini Skyrace Trentapassi will start. Mini Skyrace, “run with the champions” will open the official program, this year the younger ones will also have special friends of “Una Vita Rara”. The children’s party will continue on Sunday, when just before the start, will be distributed 100 vuvuzelas. After only five editions, the Trentapassi Vertical has gained entry as the opening event of the Vertical Kilometer World Circuit 2017, a circuit gathering the world’s most prestigious Verticals in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Norway, the United States and Switzerland ( Http:// The Skyrace Trentapassi also consolidates as the opening race of La Sportiva Mountain Running Cup and is also re-confirmed by the Skyrunner Series Italy 2017. Along the footpaths of the Trentapassi will race 700 athletes, 525 will be involved in the Skyrace, while 175 will climb into the Vertical track. A percentage of sure interest is that 70% of these athletes are at the first experience in these two competitions. Regarding the nationalities, 15 countries will be represented, Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia, Romania, Austria, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Colombia, Croatia and Slovenia. In the Vertical Contest, the winners candidate will be: Saul Padoa Rodriguez (COL), Nejc Kuhar (SLV), Marco Moletto, Nicola Pedergnana, Patrick Facchini, Marco Facchinelli (Team La Sportiva), Philip Brugger (AUT) and Micha Steiner ) (Team Salomon), Fabio Bazzana (Team Karpos-La Sportiva), Eydalin Simone (GS DES AMIS), Davide Pierantoni (Team Crazy) and Adrien Perret (FRA). Among the women will fight for the first position: Kristel Dewalle (FRA team Scott) and Samantha Galassi (The King’s Castle), Victoria Kreuz (SWI Team Salomon), Antonella Confortola (Team Valetudo), Francesca Rossi and Erika Forni (Team La Sportiva ), Valentina Belotti, Hilde Aders (NOR Tromso Lopeklub team Mizuno), Therese Sjursen (NOR Bergen Lopeklub), Giorgia Felicetti (Bogn da Nia), Corinna Ghirardi (US Malonno), Mariann Jagercikova (SVK Slovakia Running) and Francesca Bellezza Team. Skyrace, on the other hand, will face the highest pitch in the podium: Paolo Bert, Cristian Varesco, Emanuele Manzi, Davide Invernizzi, Andreas Reiterer (Team La Sportiva). There will also be Andrea Rota and Roki Bratina led by Giulio Ornati for Team Salomon, while Davide Pierantoni and Marco Leoni will defend the colors of Team Crazy, and Mikail Mamlev (Team Valetudo) will be ready to take on a prestigious position. Among the women, Queen of races in the sky, Emanuela Brizio, will have to defend themselves against the attacks of Denisa Dragomir (Team Valetudo Skyrunning), and Martina Valmassoi (Team Salomon). Among the possible outsiders are Celia Chiron (team Scott), Lara Mustat (Team La Sportiva), and Elisa Sortini (Team Crazy). It should be remembered that for the athletes who want to challenge the family the Organizing Committee of the Trentapassi also offers the usual free babysitting service.
Where and when to enjoy the emotions of Vertical & Skyrace:
Departure: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele Marone 9:15 am Departure Vertical,
10:15 am departure Skyrace.
Arrival expected at the top: Arrival Vertical, 10:05 am
Trentapassi Skyrace Peak passing, 11:00 am
Zone passing , at 11:20;
Arrival Skyrace in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, at 11:40;
How to get to the top: get to the village of Sant’Antonio in Zone, park, 50 minutes walking tour

Detailed schedule Saturday, May 6:

• Bib registrationfrom 15 to 18:30
• 17 hrs Mini Skyrace Trentapassi
• 18 hrs Mini Skyrace prizes, technical briefing
• From 19 o’clock opening pasta party

Detailed schedule of racing days Sunday, May 7:
• Bib withdrawal
From 7 am to 9.30 am
• Handbag delivery for the top of Vertical until 8:20 am: Bags delivered after 8:20 pm will not be transported to the top
• Grid entry for Vertical 8: 45-Closing
Grid at 9:05 am
• Vertical departure 9:15 hrs
• Grid entry for Skyrace 9:30 hrs Closing grid 9:50 hrs
• Sky start at 10:15 hrs
• From 11 am opening pasta party
• From the 14th prize
• During the 
prize-giving ceremony will be drawn numerous prize

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