Countdown Trentapassi 2017

Sunday, May 7, 2017 return Trentapassi Skyrace and Vertical Race. Many new to the event Marone on Lake Iseo. A few bids available for the opening round of the VK World Circuit.
After only five editions of the Trentapassi Vertical, has gained entry as the opening round of the Vertical Kilometer World Circuit 2017, the circuit that collects the most fascinating in the world Vertical Portugal France Italy Spain United States Norway Switzerland ( http: //www.vkworldcircuit .com ). The competition of Marone, with its 3.5 km length to 1050 meters of altitude overlooking the lake, and with its extreme technicality with rock steps has managed in recent years to join the elite of the most beautiful “vertical” competition in the world.
“We, – said Davide Zanotti, race director – approaching the time for which Trentapassi whole team has been working for months. Thanks to the sponsors and to the municipalities of Marone Zone and under the patronage of Regione Lombardia we are setting up a competition of the highest level. We are proud of the privilege that the International Federation Skyrunning has given us: to be the opening race of the VK World Circuit. The addition Trentapassi Skyrace consolidates its role as the opening race of the La Sportiva Mountain Running Cup and is also reconfirmed race of Skyrunner Series Italy 2017. We feel a responsibility, but we have worked well and therefore we can not wait to kick off these incredible competition. ”
The roll of honor of Trentapassi counts in the men’s four years of unchallenged rule athlete’s Team La Sportiva Urban Zemmer, which preceded Marco Facchinelli order, Nicola Golinelli, Remì Bonnet, Nicola Pedergnana. Urban Zemmer is holder with a time of 38’49 ” of the Trentapassi VK record.
In the women after the first two editions in the name of Samantha Galassi (The Recastello), the scepter passed to Emmie Collinge (Athletic Alta Valtellina) who holds the record with the time of 50’18 “.
The athletic characteristics of power, agility and speed are enhanced by 17.5 Km development for 1300 meters of positive and as many negative slope gradient. With his profile characterized by steep technical sections of rock, breathtaking beaten on the lawn, hilly stretches and final descent to return arrival at the lake make the Trentapassi Skyrace a competition not to be missed!
The records are of Remì Bonnet (Team Salomon) with 1:34:37 and Denisa Dragomir (Valetudo) with 1:55:58.
For both races, the organizers maintain for the moment the reserve on the names, but it promises to be full and absolute level of the group of challengers decided to try to challenge the Trentapassi and touch up the records both in men and women: Italy, France, Colombia, Spain, UK, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Romania nations which moves the offensive.
Registration is still open, but there is very little depletion of 550 numbers for the Trentapassi Skyrace and 250 numbers for the Vertical Race, and in any case are still closed on April 22.
In addition to usual rich race package, in Trentapassi tradition, with the head of technical clothing, pasta party at the lake and well deserved beer upon arrival, Trentapassi offers a plus … the plunge into the lake from the finish line launched last year by Remi Bonnet, Ionut Zinca and Tadei Pivk.

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